You Want to Know About My Process…?

August 27th, 2014

So this is my first ‘process’ post; meaning it is the first post to my blog intending to start tracking my artistic and professional development while here at CCAD in the MFA program.

It’s also a good opportunity for me to get a feel for this old site again. This MC interface was something I spent a LOT of hours of love and care and trial-and-error rough testing to create…and I’m still proud of it and how it turned out. But already it’s stuffy and inflexible. I can’t scale it effectively to translate it to a mobile platform…and CSS and other tech has gotten significantly better since then. At the very least, it’s been long enough to want to shake the dust and see about updating and making this creature a far more flexible and adaptive beast than it’s been in years past.

Still though…recently renewed the domain registration…I’ve had The Midnighters Club up in some form or other for…wow. Since 1999. Fifteen years. I’ve barely been on the Internet more than that.

Kind of nice that even in the photons and electron baths of the net, you can have a developing sense of ‘history’ to something…

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