Digital Watercolor Tests, “Beyond the Grass Ocean”

October 14th, 2014


So thing is…I knew that I couldn’t do this all solely in Photoshop. That it is great as a digital pixel-pusher, but for something that more closely approximated traditional brush media, Corel Painter was the way to go. This way I’d have the advantages of digital tech with much of the classic look and textures of watercolor/pencil drawings.

Thing is…I’ve never actually trained or touched Corel Painter. I know, I know, that’s a bad thing to admit, especially if I realized my work will hinge so much on using it. So tonight I once again cracked the program open and this time determined I wouldn’t let its variations from Photoshop or the awkwardness of some of its interface issues defeat me as it had in past attempts.

What came out tonight wasn’t half bad. I feel that if this is how far I could get with an hour or two’s experimenting, then I can very quickly build up proficiency with this system. Not to mention that I can still export these files, layers intact, into Photoshop where I can work a few tricks still.

So the first was a basic ‘classic color palette':

The Grass Ocean, Basic Color Test

Followed by some touches to evoke something of a late-summer early-twilight look, almost sepia-tinted:The Grass Ocean Late Summer

And then a more autumnal look, with a bit of surrealism thrown for the sky elements:The Grass Ocean Autumnal


Also managed to scan in many of the drawings done up to this point so I have some nicely high-resolution copies to start applying these techniques upon.

I don’t think I’ll become a Corel Painter maestro in a few weeks, but at this rate I think I can at least feel confident that I’ll manage to bring out many of my concepts into more fleshed-out images.

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