Killing Time but Not Hope

September 24th, 2014

A reminder to myself when I get too frustrated with maintaining a ‘day job’ and not always having a free day to simply work on my art projects or school assignments…

I started doing these ‘doodles’ at work mainly when I have to listen to long-winded phone calls, between moments of typing in the information. I work for a company processing vehicle insurance claims…grand, exciting work, right? And certainly for nine-plus hours a day, four days a week when not at school, a truly stimulating and varied environment to be taken out of any chance to do anything ‘meaningful’ or related to my art.

So I doodle these. On little 3×5” cards.

Thing is, on the other side of these doodles, I was also writing my log-off times so that at the end of the day when I turned it in, one supervisor or another on the call center floor could enter the times in and have my schedule adjusted so those times off the phones wouldn’t be counted against me (restroom breaks, meetings, etc.)

Last week, I found out when I was turning one in that another earlier week’s doodle was pinned to the supervisor’s wall. She exclaimed as I handed in this one “Oooh, another one!”

I was informed that ever since I started doing these, the supervisors have been entering in the info but also keeping the cards. Pinning them up, giving them to family members at home, etc. Nobody’s been throwing them out when all this time I thought they were throwaway, wasted bits of time and ink. Something to keep my hands busy so I didn’t lose interest listening to the customers on the phone. Idle hands and all that.

And here now there’s apparently a small gallery-show’s worth of these things over the weeks that has been growing, pinned up to all the supervisor’s desks…some of them argue politely over getting one piece or another. Nobody’s paying me any money, I don’t even sign them.

But yet, these doodles and random sketches are out there. And people are looking at them. And in whatever way, something is going through them for looking at them. For having them up in their own work environments…where maybe they, too, have their dreams and goals that they’re temporarily setting aside to be there with me.

And it reminds me that art is where you not only find it, like time…but what you make of it. And WHEN you make it at all.

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