New Gadgets and New Outlook

July 9th, 2014

So right now I’m sitting at my living room couch, typing this all out on a new Bluetooth wireless keyboard that is feeding it all via the aetheric wonders of Apple to a brand new MacBook Pro laptop. Both of which were acquired today thanks to the help of my own mother, purchased for the main purpose of my upcoming MFA program at CCAD starting in August. My good old trusty PowerBook G4, while still a hell of a workhorse device, was from 2002 when I got it prior to my Clarion summer and as of 2014 simply couldn’t run the necessary new programs I need for not only school. but for things like running my Wacom tablet and other odd but useful newer devices.

So between the home, the school resources, this new beauty and my iPhone, I should be suitably prepped to take on school and all the various demands of work/home/school/etc.

The big immediate bonus I am taking advantage of in the next day or so (as soon as everything is properly set up, vetted, checked, double-checked, and synched with the other machines) will be having MUCH more powerful capability to edit and update and write on-the-go, something which has been pretty limited up until now when it came to trying to get a little writing done in-between tasks at my day job (you can barely even access a Google Doc file there, and most websites even io9 or Yahoo News are starting to send me regular warnings that “This version of Internet Explorer will soon no longer be supported, consider upgrading”(seriously, where are they saving the money by being so chintzy using nearly 10-years-old software?).

So I guess I’ve finally surrendered to the necessities of joining the 2010’s…and I was able to hold out for 4 years at that!

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