Well it’s been a quiet week in my hometown of Lake Wobegon…

September 16th, 2014

Sorry. I was waxing rhapsodic in the wrong imagination for a moment.

So this week seems to be hitting stride. The Illustration Lab is working out well, I have a new drafting table that’ll be coming to the studio space in the next few days, and tonight I managed to finally wrestle out an idea I had for a GIF that not only worked out, but literally looks exactly like I imagined in my mind. Which, even in 37 years of living, is a rarity for me.

Without further ado, the simple creepy non-sequitur of “Hand Eye Coordination”:

I think it turned out a little better than half-bad. There’s certainly a faster way I could’ve achieved the colorized effect on the eye (in this case I was manually clipping, scrubbing and adjusting the overlay layer frame-by-frame in Photoshop).  And I’m still hitting  a hell of a wall with getting GIF sizes down to under 1MB (you can certainly make them bigger but good luck sharing them on the best popular websites like Tumblr or Giphy that way).

I’m focusing shortly on character development for “Beyond the Grass Ocean,” doing some basic sketches and research on how I’d like the three principal protagonists to look and pose so I can then plan their respective images in the book. Also need to sit down and finish a last proof-read look-over of the text manuscript so I can start singling out sections for best choice as image adaptations for maximum ‘oomph’ value.

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