Latest Attempts at Working

November 18th, 2014

Unfortunately the last few days have been eaten up by working on projects for other classes. Rather time-consuming, detail-oriented projects…any one or two of which could easily be the focus of an entire semester but, alas, are simply part and parcel of the larger workload of this class.

So I digress…

But I have made some notable progress. Finished page templates for the InDesign layout of “Beyond the Grass Ocean” and finished the 3D modeling I needed for placement references for the first major full-page illustration, the village of Rains Perish and start of the story.

Also was thoughtfully asked by Keith if I’d send him some images of the Hideous Sad and others from the story so he could mess around with creating his own 3D model renderings of them…which frankly I’d love to see. You never know what new insight you can get from seeing something originally flat and 2D and primarily just vague shadows in your imagination and turned into something dimensional and more concrete. Who knows? Maybe we’ll run down to the fabrication lab and have them run off a fully-fleshed-out print of one of those creepy, weepy things.

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